Assess & Learn

Collegiate Canine's unique Assess n' Learn appointment combines information gathering with instruction. This 90-minute session is a prerequisite for all training programs.

Here's what we do

We will observe your dog and create a detailed behavioral history, discuss your goals and priorities, and get you and your pet started on learning foundation skills to support future training. At least two customized training options will be offered at session's end.

Here's how you benefit

The fee for Assess n' Learn is $150, including comprehensive pet evaluation, goal-setting, hands-on instruction, and customized training recommendations. You will:

  • Take home detailed insight into why your dog behaves as he does plus a plan to methodically achieve the specific goals you've identified.
  • See the rapport we establish with your dog, our approach to problem solving, and the expertise we draw on to determine the most effective solution.
  • Sample our teaching and communication style — and the way we encourage confidence, not dependence.
  • Learn tips and techniques for immediate application in building the new skills you seek or solving the issues you face.

Success and support

Collegiate Canine wants to set both you and your dog up for success, whether that means basking in the simple pleasure of an evening walk together or changing a behavior that's seriously affecting your family life. Through the groundwork laid during Assess n' Learn, we become your support system — allies, if you will, in helping you transform challenge into accomplishment so you can truly enjoy your dog.

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