Higher learning is about knowledge and discovery — precisely what Collegiate Canine promotes through our emphasis on positive reinforcement training in our work with dogs and their owners.

As one client observed:

"Learning positive reinforcement techniques is like learning a new language. But once you've learned it, it's like opening a door into your dog's brain. When you see a dog working hard to learn because
he wants to please you, it changes the way you feel about your pet.
He becomes less mysterious.

It also changes the way you feel about yourself. I began to understand what I could mean to my dogs. I could be more than the person who feeds them or walks them around the block. I could make life richer for them by teaching them new skills. That's powerful knowledge to have … and the best 'take-home' for me.

By understanding the clicker method, my husband and I have the confidence to research problems and figure out how to solve them ourselves."

As you can see, our students say it best: reward-based training and its emphasis on the interplay of communication between dog and owner, not dominance or correction-based instruction, is a better investment of time and money over the long-term.

We don't just help you address immediate goals or problems — we empower you to see life through your dog's eyes and then provide you the tools and confidence to apply what you've learned to new situations that develop down the road. Enjoying your dog becomes second nature — and that's our ultimate definition of 'results'.


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