Collegiate Canine offers private, in-home dog training and behavior consulting for busy professionals and families. And we do it in the name — and spirit — of higher education:

Your house, your yard, your neighborhood become your campus.
That means no more driving across town for large group classes … and no more frustration because your dog performs better in class than she does at home.

Your curriculum is geared not only to what you deem important,
but also to your dog's particular temperament and learning style.

Cookie-cutter instruction and wasting time on things you already know are not an option at Collegiate Canine. Working at your own pace in a relaxed environment and with specialized attention to the skills you and your dog want most are our highest priority.

You choose the day and time that work for you.
No need to rearrange your schedule. No frustration at training delayed because you missed registration for an eight-week class that's already started. Indeed, fewer training sessions may be required as pets learn skills more quickly in the location where they're most needed and with the distractions most often encountered.

Programs of study are as unique as you.
Embarrassed by your dog when friends visit but no time to work with him yourself? Plagued by a chronic problem that's overwhelming you? Struggling to house train a new puppy? We offer a variety of training and consulting options, all described in links to the left.

Collegiate Canine serves the greater Triangle area, and all our programs — including those presented to non-profit and business organizations through "DogTalk" — are fully customizable. No generic packages here!

While we enjoy teaching everything from basic manners to advanced obedience skills, we specialize in canine behavior problems, including:

  • Problem solving fearful behavior
  • Addressing dog-dog aggression
  • Alleviating separation anxiety

Whatever the need, we take pride in delivering exceptional service and instruction, all tailored to your specific goals and schedule.