Need an expert resource or special program? DogTalk is your source.

Strong credentials in hand, Collegiate Canine's owner and head trainer is an experienced, engaging presenter who enjoys educating adults as well as children about animal welfare, well-being, behavior, and training.

Erin has provided radio and TV interviews, lectured on animal learning for university courses, addressed civic groups about trends in animal welfare, spoken to hospital personnel about the use of animals in therapeutic settings, instructed shelter staff and volunteers, fielded ask-the-trainer questions at pet store events, and demonstrated training techniques and dog agility to youngsters at summer camps.

Presentations vary from 20-60 minutes in length depending on subject, the needs of your organization, and age of the audience. Sample topics include:

  • Animal Welfare & Animal Rights — What's the Difference?
  • Canine Communication — Does a wagging tail always mean 'happy'?
  • Dog Training — Fact vs. Fiction
  • The Power of Positive Reinforcement Training
  • Using the Clicker with Cats
  • 101 Ways to Have Fun with Your Pet!
  • Dog Park Etiquette
  • Latchkey Dogs
  • Behavior Management for Foster Homes

Want a different sort of program? Audience participation? No problem, Erin's happy to discuss your needs and design a presentation just for you. Please contact us for pricing; Collegiate Canine may waive fees for non-profits and other organizations of limited means.

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