Collegiate Canine's name isn't solely a reflection of its dedication to accelerated learning and superb instruction. It also mirrors the education and preparation of its faculty.

Owner and head instructor Erin James-Crook is a CPDT-KA. Her 17 years of hands-on experience is also backed by a Bachelor's degree in Animal Sciences with a specialization in Animal Behavior and Well-being from Purdue University.

Erin is known for her:

  • collaborative communication and encouragement
  • keen observation of canine body language and personality
  • masterful timing of markers and rewards
  • intuitive, out-of-the box thinking
  • skill in adapting teaching style to student learning style,
    whether human or canine

After working with other trainers, one client had this to say:

"What I find unusual and appealing about Erin's interaction with our dogs is that it's very joyful. She gets a kick out of dogs and their behavior. She's affectionate but firm, and they respond well to that.

And when we had a problem with one of our dogs, Erin listened to our concerns, gave us the information we needed, and always, always offered additional help. That's what meant the most: the feeling that I now had this fantastic source of support from someone who was invested in making the bond between dog and owner stronger."

Want more details? See the links to your left. Unlike group classes with instructors whose names and credentials often go unpublished, Collegiate Canine wants you to know exactly who you're hiring!