To evaluate Collegiate Canine's level of care and service, feel free to browse student comments below.

Practical counsel

  • I really appreciate the time Erin spent with me and her suggestions for feeding 5 dogs. They've worked well, and dinner time is a lot less stressful!! Her tips for Morgan's jumping when people come in the house have also been very helpful and appreciated.

– Student

  • Erin has lots of ideas to try in all kinds of situations that you may be going through with your dog. I've tried some of her suggestions and found success. 'Come' has greatly improved … my dog actually comes to me now when called.

– Rebekah Willis

  • We were very satisfied with Erin and are recommending this class to everyone we know who has, or is getting, a puppy.

– Richard & Karon Corbin

  • Thanks to Erin, Quincy is now able to play well with other dogs. I get great comments about him from the boarder, vet, and groomer.

– Linda Leary

  • Erin was so knowledgeable, and I found it very helpful when she offered suggestions to modify training for my hyper little dog!

– Brenda Green

Teaching style

  • Couldn't be happier. We loved Erin's enthusiasm, energy, and dedication.

– Jeff & Suzy Nicholas

  • Erin was very helpful and knowledgeable. She was able to answer all of our questions and concerns and offer helpful suggestions. We liked that the family members were incorporated in the class, as we are all caregivers.

– Gail Hess

  • Learning was fun and Mayze really came out of her shell once we started. Erin makes it interesting, and I look forward to more.

– Joe Brunson

  • Erin was always helpful in giving little tips to help with the dogs whenever we had a problem. She was great.

– Kathryn Hurlbut


  • We can't say enough good things about Erin. Her teaching has helped us connect with our dogs in a much more meaningful way, particularly one of our dogs who has a lot of anxiety.

– Lisa Ware

  • Erin is terrific. There wasn't a situation that arose that she didn't have advice on how to handle. Her approach toward the dogs is kind and geared toward having fun. I think that's the most important lesson of all: to teach people to have fun with their pets!

– Samantha Long

Value Added

  • This was the best thing I've ever done for my dog and myself. I was almost to the point of giving him back to the shelter because I just didn't understand dog behavior and how to manage it. I was really impressed with Erin's expertise and help. She was always kind enough to answer questions at any time about any dog-behavior subject. I know that if a question or issue came up now … 6 months later … Erin would answer it.

– Student

  • Erin offered extra help for the asking and that was appreciated.

– Sue Young

  • Erin was such a fantastic resource for extra training tips and information — too many to list!

– Lisa Ware