Considering a canine addition to your family? DogMatch can help you find the perfect pet.

Collegiate Canine's owner and head trainer is well versed in all aspects of matching pets to people. Besides assisting with adoption counseling at various animal shelters, Erin also developed the Spartanburg Humane Society's first-ever behavior evaluation protocol. In addition, her ability to network among shelter and rescue organizations in the region may expedite your search.

Here's how it works

Our basic program includes:

  • 90-minute consultation with all family members to identify dog behavior traits (and related breeds, if desired) that are compatible with your lifestyle, personality, and goals that you have for your next companion. We also answer questions and share ideas for locating and selecting your new dog.
  • 2 hours of phone follow-up for discussing concerns, changes to your list of needs,or specific animals that you are interested in.
  • 1-hour training session to occur anytime within the first three months of your new pet's arrival.

The result?

You launch your search with a profile of the dogs most likely to match your needs and desires. You receive specific direction on what to look for - and avoid - as well as ongoing support for questions and issues that arise. Following adoption or purchase, you have expert help with making the transition into your household as problem-free and enjoyable as possible for both dog and family.

The base rate for DogMatch services is $300. Additional assistance can be added as desired - for example, in-person evaluation of potential canine candidates with regard to personality, socialization, energy level, and other key characteristics. Please contact us for a complete list of options and associated costs.

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