Personal Professor

Personal Professor programs are perfect for pet owners who want to be directly involved in the entire training process — in your own home and at times convenient for you.

Value added

Collegiate Canine's individualized approach is what sets us apart from typical large group classes. Working with your pet will not be limited by a set number of classes or curriculum.

Instead, your needs and interests — identified through the Assess n' Learn appointment — will dictate the number, and focus, of the training sessions that you purchase. You can opt for just a few sessions to get you started or request a more extended program to guide you every step of the way to a reliable, well-behaved companion.

Our expertise

In each 60-minute session, we'll help you understand why your pet does what he does, then demonstrate how to modify his current behavior or build new behaviors that achieve the specific results you want.

Here's the expertise we offer:

  • Need foundation skills before started more advanced training?
    Your personal professor makes skill building easy and fun so that ultimately, you can achieve all of your goals with your companion.
  • Behavior problems spinning out of control?
    We'll take a thorough history of the issues involved, analyze our findings from your Assess n' Learn session, write a full report that includes recommendations for action, and then show you how to address even the most perplexing issues.
  • Want guidance on better managing the pets in your household?
    We provide practical counsel on everything from introducing a new pet into your family to boredom busters for busy or anxious dogs who get into trouble while you're away at work.

Tuition will vary accordingly, so just give us a call to discuss various options for maximizing the benefits of your very own personal professor. Don't be shy — be sure to ask about discounts for multiple-session training programs.

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